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About Us

Someone once wrote, ''Do what you love and the money will follow.'' I disagree. Do what you love, *create a plan* and the money might follow! I offer business and career coaching for entrepreneurs, executives and individuals in mid-career transition.

Pilots can't take off without filing a flight plan. Buildings couldn't be built without blueprints. Sailors would never dream of setting sail without charting the waters. Careers and businesses are no different. They need a plan. My process includes strategic planning for individuals, organizations and associations, working with my clients to develop 3-5 year strategic plans. Whether you're an individual in career transition, an association executive with a board or partners of a firm creating a future together, strategic planning works.

My mission is to ''Create a world where people love what they do and do what they love.'' Although I coach people from many professions, I specialize in helping those in professional services--accounting, financial services, healthcare, legal and consulting services. My years in healthcare marketing and publishing gave me a great education about the principles of marketing.

I also speak around the country (and even the world!) about topics related to business and career success. A past president of the Illinois chapter of the National Speakers Association, I love to coach other speakers to help them get their speaking careers off the ground.

My mission reflects my faith--I believe we were created to fulfill a purpose, and it's never about us. I'm honored to be a Wheaton Chamber member.


Thanks to Wheaton Public Library and Wheaton Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring Biz Books Review!
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